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 Research Interests 


Polymer nanocomposites


Structure-property relationships of polymer composites  
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Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Master of Engineering (Materials Engineering)

2000 Tongji University (Shanghai, China)
Bachelor of Engineering (Polymer Materials)
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 Published Papers 


Chen L, Wang K, Kotaki M, Hu C, He CB Fracture Behavior of Polypropylene/Clay Nanocomposites Journal of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2006 6 3969–3972

Chen L, Phang IY, Wong SC, Lv PF, Liu TX Embrittlement mechanisms of nylon 66/organoclay nanocomposites prepared by melt-compounding process Materials & Manufacturing Processes 2006 21 (2) 153-158

Chen L, Wang K, Toh ML, He CB Polypropylene/clay Nanocomposites Prepared By Reactive Compounding With An Epoxy Based Masterbatch Macromolecular Materials & Engineering 2005 290 (10) 1029-1036

Chen L, Wong SC, Liu TX, Lu XH, He CB Deformation mechanisms of nanoclay-reinforced maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 2004 42 (14) 2759-2768

Chen L, Wong SC, Pisharath S Fracture properties of nanoclay-filled polypropylene Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2003 88 (14) 3298-3305

Mya KY, Wang K, Chen L, Lin TT, Pallathadka, PK, Pan J, He C The effect of nanofiller on the thermomechanical properties of polyimide/clay nanocomposites. Macromol Chem Physic (2008) 209 (6) 643-650

Wouterson EM, Boey FYC, Wong SC, Chen L, Hu X Nano-toughening versus micro-toughening of polymer syntactic foams. Compos Sci Technol (2007) 67 (14) 2924-2933

Wang K, Chen L, Kotaki M, He C. Preparation, microstructure and thermal mechanical properties of epoxy/crude clay nanocomposites. Compos Part A-Appl S (2007) 38 (1) 192-197

Wang L, Wang K, Chen L, He CB, Wang L, Zhang YW Hydrothermal effects on the thermomechanical properties of high performance epoxy/clay nanocomposites
Polymer Engineering & Science 2006 46 (2) 215-221

Kotaki M, Wang K, Toh ML, Chen L, Wong SY, He CB Electrically conductive epoxy/clay/vapor grown carbon fiber hybrids Macromolecules 2006 39 (3) 908-911

Guo QP, Wang K, Chen L, Zheng SX, Halley PJ Phase behavior, crystallization, and nanostructures in thermoset blends of epoxy resin and amphiphilic star-shaped block copolymers Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 2006 44 (6) 975-985

Guo QP, Chen F, Wang K, Chen L Nanostructured thermoset epoxy resin templated by an amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(dimethylsiloxane) diblock copolymer Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 2006 44 (21) 3042-3052

Mya KY, Li X, Chen L, He CB Supramolecular Assembled Nanostructure Containing Cubic Silsesquioxanein Aqueous Solution Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2006 6 3955–3959

Wang SF, Chen L, Tong YJ Structure-property relationship in chitosan-based biopolymer/montmorillonite nanocomposites Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 2006 44 686 – 696

Wang SF, Shen L, Tong YJ, Chen L, Phang IY, Lim PQ, Liu TX Biopolymer chitosan/montmorillonite nanocomposites: Preparation and characterization, Polymer Degradation and Stability 2005 90 123-131

Wang K, Chen L, Wu JS, Toh ML, He CB, Yee AF. Epoxy nanocomposites with highly exfoliated clay: Mechanical properties and fracture mechanisms Macromolecules 2005 38 (3) 788-800

Wang K, Wang L, Wu JS, Chen L, He CB. Preparation of highly exfoliated epoxy/clay nanocomposites by "slurry compounding": Process and mechanisms Langmuir 2005 21 (8) 3613-3618

Mya KY, Li X, Chen L, Ni XP, Li J, He CB Core-corona structure of cubic silsesquioxane-poly(ethylene oxide) in aqueous solution: Fluorescence, light scattering, and TEM studies Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2005 109 (19) 9455-9462

Wu DC, Liu Y, Jiang X, Chen L, He CB, Goh SH, Leong KW Evaluation of hyperbranched poly(amino ester)s of amine constitutions similar to polyethylenimine for DNA delivery Biomacromolecules 2005 6 (6): 3166-3173

Wu DC, Liu Y, Chen L, He CB, Chung TS, Goh SH TI 2A(2)+BB ' B '' approach to hyperbranched poly(amino ester)s Macromolecules 2005 38 (13) 5519-5525

Wan T, Chen L, Chua YC, Lu XH Crystalline morphology and isothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/clay nanocomposites Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2004 94 (4) 1381-1388

Shen L, Phang IY, Chen L, Liu TX, Zeng KY Nanoindentation and morphological studies on nylon 66 nanocomposites. I. Effect of clay loading Polymer 2004 45(10) 3341-3349
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Wang K, He C, Chen L, Toh ML, Mya KY Thermoplastic polymer based nanocomposites IMR/P//2285/PCT 14-Jan-2005

Wang K, Wu J, Chen L, He CB Nanocomposites and process for their production IMR/P//1885/PCT 14-Jul-2004

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 Professional Experience 



Institute of Materials Research and Engineering
Research Fellow

  • Singapore Airlines
    • Phase 1: Identification of the causes of crazes/cracks on aircraft window panels.
    • Phase 2: Evaluation of the effects of several detergents on the crazing process of window panels.
    • Fabrication, characterization, and structure-property relationships of polymer clay nanocomposites.
  • Boeing
    • Study of the failure mechanisms of hard-coating.
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Updated: Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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